Libero Colimberti
London — United Kingdom
Libero Colimberti is an Italian sound artist and sound engineer living in London who works with field recording, phonography and experiments with the moving image. He also works as a creative sound recording expert for the motion picture. Member of AMPS and IPS. He studied at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and University of Palermo, Italy. He has exhibited his art at the IMT, Utrophia, SoundFjord and Window 135 galleries, London. Colimberti has also broadcast internationally on Resonance FM, London and Radio Black Out, Turin (Italy). In 2011 he was awarded the Jury Prize within the LandSideUbik competition for his audiovisual composition 'Shanghai'. This competition was sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and produced by FilmWork. His work 'Frame' also know as 'The Pictureless Movie' was second classified in the short movie competition '', that took place in Rome, Italy in 2008. Recent works on the theme of A/V synchronization include: 'The Bike', 'Untitled Mono' and the sonic performance 'SCHT!'.
Description of work with field recording
Libero Colimberti is also known for his contributions to the motion picture. He is a creative recording engineer. He developed his own original environmental recording techniques and also implements contact microphones in the context of location film making. Great MS and double MS fan. He Studied phonography with Peter Cusack and attended an elective course with him at the LCC where he presented a work made of recordings related to the construction of the overground rail system in the south east of London.
Listen to Jefferson Street_Heating system expanding_high pressure pipes w:loud vent_5AM_Brooklyn H4N