Louise Rossiter
Edinburgh — United Kingdom
Louise Rossiter (Hampshire, 1986) is an electroacoustic composer based in Scotland. She completed her undergraduate music degree at the University of Aberdeen, specialising in Acousmatic composition, under the supervision of Pete Stollery. Recently Louise embarked on the MMus (composition) course at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Robert Dow. She is also a founding member of Edit-Point -a group dedicated to the performance and dissemination of electroacoustic music. Louise’s research interests lie in acousmatic sound, acoustic ecology and sound perception. In 2010, she completed Projekt Berlin an acoustic ecology project based online and using Google Earth. In autumn 2009, Louise collaborated with Ross Whyte and Claire Pencak on a dance production called Lisbon Diaries which was premiered as part of the Dance Live festival and again in the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh as part of a dance showcase entitled Pool. Louise has been the recepient of a number of prizes and awards including a University of Aberdeen Small Grants Award for Projekt Berlin (2009), the Alfie Tough Music Prize (2009), The Chris Cadwur James Composition Award (2010), a scholarship from the Seary Charitable Trust (2010-12), The Maxton Bequest (2011), University of Edinburgh Music Department (for travel to TES 2011), Creative Scotland Professional Development Funding for travel to Toronto, The Thomas Laing-reilly Bequest of the University of Edinburgh and most recently, The Roger and Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust. In the Musica Nova International Composition Competition 2010, Louise’s acousmatic work Black Velvet was announced as a finalist in the competition. The same work was selected to be performed at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium where it featured as the opening piece of the Conference. In October 2011, Louise travelled to Shanghai to present Black Velvet at the final of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s Electronic Music Week.
Description of work with field recording
I have recently started to use field recordings extensively in my music. I carried out a research project entitled Projekt Berlin ( based on google earth which also comprised of three pieces which use field recordings- In Memoriam, Vorstellen and No Mans' Land. In addition I have recently composed a piece entitled TTC which uses recordings taken around Toronto and I am currently working on a soundscape piece based on recordings taken on a recent trip to Shanghai.
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