Utena — Lithuania
The project SALA (The Isle) was started around 1995 and slowly became our main preoccupation and vessel/ship for the new ideas/sounds. As artists, we came from more mainstream musical background, however there always was a hunger for something non-standart, psychedelia, hypnotic, magical... SALA performed widely in Lithuanian avantgarde festival SUMIRIMAS (the "baby" of restless Lithuanian avantgarde artist Ramunas Jaras) presenting there "Anathema of Zos" of English occult artist Austin Osman Spare, the invention of English-born artist and inventor Brion Gysin called Dreamachine, the ideas of R.A.Wilson and other things... Also there were performances in pagan/neo-folk festival MENUO JUODARAGIS where SALA did ritual using self - written porno texts (probably the first using such kind of texts as pieces of art in Lithuania), B.Gysin's Dreamachine and more "bizarre" aspects of Chaos magick as proposed by P.Hine, D. Lee, P. Carroll&Company... We have been spoiled guests in VALPURGISCHNACHT FEST in Chemnitz (Germany) in 2000. During last years SALA played in numerous Lithuanian festivals and open-air parties like TUNDRA, SUPYNES, TARP and other. SALA has released 10 albums on various physical and digital formats.
Description of work with field recording
From the very beginning of the project there was a big interest into "spied", recorded, found, stolen sounds and manipulation with them through cut-ups, effects. However, in the last years this came into another level: we've released album "4 Waters" (on "Greenfields Rec."), constructed entirely from field recordings, performed it live, made sound installation, etc. Also there is big work documenting the soundscape of the area, sharing it to community. Collection of local sounds may be found on: SALA's soundcloud page, on also: or (search for Utena)
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