Yair López
Guadalajara — Mexico
Yair Lopez graduated with an engineering degree in multimedia and communications from the University of Guadalajara. Working with fixed images and animation, sound has always been an important element and complement for his work, both as a musical resource and form of expression. Yair participated in academic programs at the Mexican Centro for Music and Sonic Art (CMMAS), where he was a scholar and resident artist. His discography includes Casa de Omar EP (2008, digital), Paisaje Sonoro del Malecón de Puerto Vallarta (2010, cd), EPEP POPO EP (2010, digital), Narita Airport (2011, digital) Paisaje Sonoro de los Pueblos Mágicos del Estado de Jalisco (2011, cd), SONORA (2011, cd) And Marca y Registro (2012, dvd). Yair created the Sociacusia Ciclo in 2008, linking sound art and electro-acoustic music in Guadalajara, Mexico. Heʼs a scholar of the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA), and was also a scholar of the Programa de Estímulo a la Creación y el Desarrollo Artístico (PECDA).
Description of work with field recording
I’ve been applying theory into practice now for 3 years, and this step is the hardest: push the red button and start recording. I have a way to communicate, I visualize people as potential communicators, and the only thing to do is to follow simple steps and to refine our common sense. To me, to communicate is to use a common sense: I mean, we depart from an idea or information that gets to us “this information is new” and we, when comparing it with our experiences of life and to enrich it, we share it with a near person and we are communicating, we’re using a common media and even with no introductions, in many occasions with- out mattering if we pronounced a word correctly, if we forget an exact date, the last name or the phrase that could have said the character of whom we are speaking before dying. Following this basic principle and if we look for more information, we summarize, we give importance to the facts and we add substan- tial information, we can to create small “script” that allows us to communicate this same information by the radio or in printed media, important is not to lose our feeling, this instinct makes it be genuine.