Yiannis Christofides
Nicosia — Cyprus
Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Yiannis Christofides is a composer, sound artist and researcher. His work integrates different media and creative practices and may take the form of fixed media audio, installation pieces and multimedia works. Yiannis has worked internationally as a composer and sound designer in various film, theater and art projects. His work has been presented in Europe and the US.
Description of work with field recording
My interest in field recording lies in the contextual aspects of sound, and the trans-sensory experience that it affords. I believe that the investigation of our experience of sonic environments, on the one hand by way of analysis and theoretical contemplation, and on the other as an agency of artistic endeavor, should eventually lead us beyond the auditory, in order to take into consideration the interdependences and interactions between different sensory faculties, the multitude of subjective interpretations, memories, and personal narratives associated with a particular soundfield, and its social and political context. Considering these elements as dynamically interlinked might help us develop a different kind of sensibility toward the specificity in which our auditory experience is emplaced and acquires meaning, a sensibility that would allow for a better understanding of our entanglement with place(s).