SoE presents: FIELD FEST (UK)
17/10/2011, London - CRISAP

6 – 8.30pm, Monday October 17th, 2011
Podium Lecture Theatre, London College of Communication, SE1 6SB

Annea Lockwood (US) A Sound Map of the Danube Annea Lockwood is known for her explorations of natural acoustic sounds and environments in works ranging from sound art to concert music. Recent projects include ‘Jitterbug’, scored for aquatic insects, fish and two improvising musicians and ‘A Sound Map of the Housatonic River’. “Between 2002 and 2004 I moved down the Danube, recording at over eighty sites and speaking with people whose lives are deeply tied to the river. I will describe the process of making these field recordings and designing ‘A Sound Map of the Danube’, a 5.1 sound installation currently running at the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority’s headquarters in Tulcea, Romania."

Michael Pisaro (US) Flussaufwärtstreiben Michael Pisaro is a composer and guitarist, long associated with the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble. He is the Roy E. Disney chair of Music Composition at the California Institute of the Arts. "Flussaufwärtstreiben is a multi-year sound installation that moves downstream beside the Grosse Mühl river, near Linz, Austria. (It is one of the main tributaries to the Danube). I will describe the first year of the project – created in collaboration with Joachim Eckl, Marcus Kaiser and the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble. The installation is an ongoing analysis of the sonic landscape of the region as transformed by human interaction."

Emmanuel Holterbach (Fr) 23 Panoramas de Fréquences Emmanuel Holterbach is a sound artist and inventor of new acoustic instruments (enharmonic glasses, gyrophones, drones), machines for sound spatialization (acousmotopographes) and mutated speakers. “In my work as a sound recordist it is not really the anecdotal or documentary that interests me most. What interests me is the intense musicality of spontaneous natural events both in animal voices or the sounds of machines.”