SoE presents: European exchange on sound pedagogy, The City Rings
The City Rings is an international sound pedagogy project initially started by Aifoon, MTG / Sons de Barcelona, and Sound&Music; and actually being developed in the frame of Sounds of Europe.

The main goal of TCR is exchanging through sound; and our main approach are a series of workshops that are held simultaneously in schools in various countries. During these workshops pupils are introduced to creative ways of listening, recording, editing and composing with sound; with an emphasis on the sounds of their everyday life and surroundings.

Sounds and compositions are exchanged among schools using Freesound, both for their appreciation and as material for new exercises. Session descriptions, images and sounds, are made public through our blog, where pupils can comment on each other's work, and where other people can follow our efforts.

TCR is now working to find other simultaneous and non-simultaneous ways of exchanging with sound among european countries, schools, people and organizations.

TCR just kicked-off a new edition of simultaneous workshops.

The City Rings is always looking for new partners. If you are an interested self-sustainable organization or individual, please contact

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