Barcelona — Spain
Mission statement

To perceive, to understand and to conceive our sonorous identity, that of our places, its coherence and its idiosyncrasy is a necessary and healthy exercise.

To find the bioacustic balance of a place, to create portraits or Sonorous Postcards, and to create a situation map (online) and a description of these places through its sonorous landscape helps the construction of a geographical zone identity; the sound as patrimony, the sound as historical document. All this is thanks to the possibilities that the net offers as an horizontal and democratic system.

With this purpose in mind, a piece of software was developed for the free publication of sonorous landscapes (Social Soundscapes) that allows to any user to collaborate, uploading audio to the system and placing it automatically in the geographical place where it was recorded (the sonorous patrimony agreed by consensus). This is the main aim of this project whose space of documentation you are seeing.