Welcome to Sounds of Europe, a platform for field recording. The blog of the website will travel to a different European country every month where a local organisation or artist will be responsible for maintaining it. Each country´s particular context and practices with regards to field recording will be explored and presented in a personal way.
First correspondent: Q-O2, Brussels, Belgium
10/11/2011 · julia@q-o2

This month the Sounds of Europe blog is in Belgium, hosted by Q-O2 workspace. Your correspondent is Julia Eckhardt, also working here are Ann Goossens, Ludo Engels and Jeroen Vandesande.
Q-O2 is a workspace for experimental music and soundart, we organize residencies, concerts and thematic projects. We are located in the centre of Brussels. In our workplace the topic of field recordings has gotten shape in the last years, it was a
much used, reflected and discussed issue, being material as well as content. This led to the organization of Sounds of Europe and its opening festival Field Fest.


During this ‘Belgian’ month I will visit not only artists here in Brussels where the artistic activity is certainly the highest, but I’m discovering also places and people in Flanders and Wallonia. The choice is personal and uncomplete, there is far more then there is space on the blog in one month, Belgium is a good country for cultural activity.

Now how does Brussels sound? Dense, I would say, noisy, traces of human activity in narrow streets everywhere. To me personally the most characteristic feature of the Brussels sound topography is the intermingling of the many different languages, due to the fact that it is a bilingual city, Dutch- and French are mixing here. Add the fact that it is the capital of Europe and that many immigrants from different countries are heading here, and it will sound Brussels.


tram 92, sunday afternoon Noordstation/Gare du Nord friday morning