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SoundFjord Gallery, London – interview with Helen Frosi
02/09/2012 · Cathy

SoundFjord is  the the only gallery in the UK at the moment which is devoted to sound art. The gallery focuses on the exhibition and documentation of art works, the development of artists within their creative and research practices, and ultimately, the promotion of sound art and its related interests to a wider audience. They run a variety of activities including gallery exhibitions, performances, workshops and  artists residencies. SoundFjord is based in Tottenham, North London.

I talked to Helen Frosi, the curator, about their current exhibition Visiting Hours II a site specific, audiovisual work by Mem1 based on field recordings made in the local area during a recent residency at SoundFjord as well as the background to the gallery  and the plans for the future.

You can listen to the interview here: helen frosi interview

A video of Mem1’s recent performance at Cafe Oto can be seen  here 

Other artists mentioned in this interview include:

Yann Novak,  Ian Rawes , Wajid YaseenShirley Pegna and Graham Dunning