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11/23/2011 · julia@q-o2

Beginning of october I have been visiting the ‘martiensgohome’ in their studio on Radio Campus in the university of Brussels, where they meet every week thursday from 21.30 to 22.30 since 16 years to improvise with the sounds they have been recording in the week, more or less processed. They carry their recording devices always with them, but especially when they travel. The devices have changed in the years, tapes, minidisc, DAT have done the job. They are four to play at the moment but the formation has changed in the years, of the four I’m meeting here today, Benoit Deuxant, Patrick Thinsy, Jonathan Poliart and Roland Wouters, only Benoit is there from the very start.

Their sounds have become a big archive in the meantime, which made them decide that for their concert in the Field Fest it was with this archive they wanted to work. In a book a random collection of their sounds are represented visually and ordered by length of the fragment, as for them no sound is considered as worthier then an other. On the day of my visit they have just received the first drafts of this book.

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