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Somewhere on the edge | Various Artists
05/01/2012 · julia@q-o2

Somewhere on the edge | Various Artists


Somewhere on the edge | Various Artists

Gruen 100 | MP3 (320 Kbps) & FLAC


99% & me in NY by Brandstifter

311 silent Sendai by jai

After Club Cut by Matze Schmidt

Ahmedabad extasis by Xabier Erkizia

Anarchy in the UK by Matthias Kispert

An East Wind through Bomb Ballistics and Lab 2 – Orford Ness by David Chapman

A Line Made by Listening by Mark Peter Wright

a very fine needle by Joe Stevens

Bmusm by Sean O’Neill

Boucles & Coques by Anton Mobin

Brisbane floods by Greg Hooper

Canvey Island passing ships, leaking pipes by Peter Cusack

County Fair by John Arndt

craftsmen.backyard.anthem by elffriede

Creak by Nigel Simpson

Crickets by Michael Peters

domestic-duties (excerpt) by Frank Rowenta

Erntelied by Grit Ruhland

Eternally by Luís Antero

folding a coastline into a shipwrecked space by Sally Ann McIntyre

fressspinne by lupov cokoliv*

From the Edge of Saturn by Jay-Dea Lopez

Ghosts along a border by Pierce Warnecke

Höfn by Mark Lorenz Kysela

Horta Harbour by Gerald Fiebig

In front of the Music University in Warszaw by Merzouga

Krásná Lípa by Roland Etzin

L’impossibilité de la voile by Enrico Coniglio

Los Desarbustales by Alan Courtis

Maghrib prayer by Pablo Sanz

night drift 09-28 by Ben Owen

No time above the walled city by Gill Arno

Outside the Gruen-Syndicate by Tobias Schmitt

Perturbation by Robin Parmar

POZNAN CREMATORY by Hubert Wińczyk

Seoul Milk (Excerpt) by Alfred Harth

shangani 17DEC06 15min by Grant Smith

spontaneous fermentation by murmer

The Hollow Pine by SALA

The Re(hear)sal by Gilles Aubry

TOTEM by Rubén García

Trasmoz by Rodolphe ALEXIS

Tree at Elbwiese by Konrad Behr

UNBEARABLE WISDOM by Pietro Riparbelli

untitled by Chad Clark

Void by Bernhard Gál

White Star Line by Danny Mc Carthy


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47 Tracks (531′34″)

Soundscape Series by Gruenrekorder

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2012 / Gruen 100 / MP3 & FLAC / LC 09488

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