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Wind, Reindeer, Time, Fire and Humans – Leena Valkeapää
10/01/2012 · julia@q-o2

wind is not only a humming noise above the forest

it sticks to your skin
wind is at the heart of events

wind is now
life in the wind
entitles to a clear mind

wind is like a breathing concept
except the wind is, and suddenly is not

a sun-induced movement

wind is incomprehensible
no wind – no explanation

wind creates and
wind will take the poem

the art of living with the wind
when life is defined by wind policies

the wind does not fit into places
like the breath of human nature

wind can make movement exhausting
the wind is old
and wind has always been

wind-generated identification patterns
wind moves the reindeer
they live in the wind

wind can also reveal
wind affects the quality and structure
the wind style

wind determines everyday life
wind is a legacy
windy mountains

the wind will wipe out mosquitoes
the wind dries wet snow
and it will not freeze

listening to wind is diverse
sometimes hard
sometimes soft
always different

indifferent to listening

after the storm
the silence feels wonderful

wind power can change
the course of the winter
the cause of us ?

wind requires people to position themselves
over and over again

living with the wind is a life style
its a choice

a right moment realization
it requires sensitivity
to be present at the moment

become windy!

The poem is written by AGF based on a google-translate-version of the visionary book Luonnossa by Leena Valkeapää, who lives with her Sami husband, yoik artist and reindeer herder Oula Valkeapää in Lapland in Finland. The book is in Finnish only.

Here a short English summary.

Leena Valkeapää