Welcome to Sounds of Europe, a platform for field recording. The blog of the website will travel to a different European country every month where a local organisation or artist will be responsible for maintaining it. Each country´s particular context and practices with regards to field recording will be explored and presented in a personal way.
Platforms, residencies & galleries in Finland (Animal Voices)
09/29/2012 · Antye

Titanik-galleria based in Turku runs a media art residency titled SUMU, with a heavy emphasis on sound-based artists in 2013.
SUMU Artist in Residence Programme
@ SUMU: Hui Wai Keung wrote a software program to analyze the pattern of seismic waves, and compare and match them with different animal voices.

A research project of the existence of mysterious beings living under the Earth. Seismic wave is low-frequency acoustic energy that travel through the earth. Scientists believe that it is mostly the result of volcanic and tectonic movements. More!
Ptarmigan is a non-profit initiative in Helsinki and Tallinn that exist outside of the realm of the traditional to provide space for adventurous and challenging scenarios, whether it be performance, visual art, sound, interactive work, or other ideas. Ptarmigan is functioning as a mobile curatorial project.
@ Ptarmigan: Exhibition: Satakieli by Roope Eronen

For Satakieli (translates to “nightingale” or “hundred tongues”) installation Eronen imitated hundred different Finnish birds with his DIY electronic gear. He recorded these synthetic bird voices to hundred sides of fifty tapes. These tapes are played simultaneously in the installation.
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Sound Art Gallery Akusmata presents new and current sound art. Akusmatan construction began in December 2011 and the first exhibition opened in February 2012. Founder of the gallery is a sound artist and composer Petri Kuljuntausta. (who really is an encyclopedia of all things sound, says Kimmo Modig)

A work by Petri Kuljuntausta & Dario Martinelli: ZOOSPHERE. A Musical Encryption of Animal Sounds (CD, 2008): “Zoosphere is an uncompromising work of experimentation, aimed to explore the richness and the potential of animal voices, with an approach that is by no means passive and contemplative, but rather inquisitive, intrusive and profoundly creative.”
Based in Helsinki Akusmata
Äänen Lumo association (“Charm of Sound”) has been on the forefront of sound-based art in Finland since 1995, chiefly operating in Helsinki. Äänen Lumo provides showcases for domestic and international artists, ranging from significant pioneers of their field to new talents. Our events can be anything from workshops to exhibitions.

Another Sound Gallery in Helsinki MUU for Ears