Welcome to Sounds of Europe, a platform for field recording. The blog of the website will travel to a different European country every month where a local organisation or artist will be responsible for maintaining it. Each country´s particular context and practices with regards to field recording will be explored and presented in a personal way.
Hai Art in Hailuoto, Finland emphasizes on sound, participatory and cross – platform art practice
09/05/2012 · Antye

Hai Art is an artist-run experimental art platform in Hailuoto (Finland) with emphasis on sound art, participatory, ecological, and interdisciplinary art practice.
Hai Art engages the local community as well as invites international artists, curators and competence to the remote island.

Hai Art was founded and is operated by Antye Greie-Ripatti (AGF) and Nella Nikkilä. Some examples:

Kaiku is a community-based choir that imitates sounds of the surround area such as wind, waves, ferry, traffic, darkness or mosquitoes. The choir is not a performing group but the exercises are recorded and exhibited online.

The Sound Room is a permanent location for Hai Art to experiment with. The first installation exhibits a site-specific installation by Carsten Stabenow opened during the conference Wind As Context (May 2012) performing Sonification of the environment.

The Ringing Island is a collaboration with The City Rings – an international sound pedagogy project initiated by Aifoon, MTG/Sons de Barcelona and Sound&Music and being developed in the frame of
Sounds of Europe . Hai Art participated with the local school and wrote some crazy tunes!


Hai Art proposes an alternative to urban solutions, investigates how digital technology synchronizes with remote existence and manifests local and global awareness through artistic practice.
Much more to come. Follow us on twitter or facebook or our even better on our website !