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Skibbereen Arts Festival, July 23 – August 4 2012
10/02/2012 · Sean Taylor

Skibbereen is the most southerly town in Ireland and this small town hosts an annual arts festival of international significance. This year, several works included sound art.

World Riddle by David Bickley and Slavek Kwi
An immersive installation with a haunting and  fluctuating drone soundscape. Video projections looking 3-dimensional, small video screens with glass blocks in front.

Time … and again and The dance of making by Mary Wycherley, Jürgen Simpson
Video installation

Softday performed a live electroacoustic set with four works
In a [not so] silent way
Dancing at Crossroads at the End of Times
Marbh Crhios – Dead Zone
Artists are Scared of Collaboration

Skelligs Calling by Chris Watson, Luke Clancy, Kevin Brew
This work has been produced both as a radio documentary and sound installation. It is a breathtaking work of field recording and sound art from the small islands off Ireland’s southwest coast. It combines deep reflection and narrative.

Mark Garry’s Wind Harps linked the environment to sonic representations, highly dependent on weather.

Note: Several artists stayed at the famous Bridge House B&B, and extraordinary facility run by the owner Mona Best. The whole building is like a living film set and filled with artefacts that have found their way to Ms. Best over the years. For example, the telephone that Jimy Hendrix gave to Noel Redding as a wedding present in 1969.