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Thessaloniki: Karapostoli, Damaskos.
12/29/2012 · Marinos

This, last, blog of mine, discusses two artists living in Thessaloniki.

Dimitris Damaskos is a composer of electronic music and improviser.  Along with Haris Koutsokostas they have formed the duo ‘Ton’.  They are very interested in field-recordings, not for representation, but as valid musical events on their own sake.  In ton’s last album they extensively used field-recordings, that they process and juxtapose with synthetic ones, in order to construct artificial soundscapes, that achieve to enlarge and accentuate a given sonic environment, according to their words.

Aimilia Karapostoli is an architect interested in soundscapes and the correlation of environmental sound with sensory design and architecture.  She is pursuing her PhD in the University of Thessaloniki, researching the aforementioned.  She is interested in the ways environmental sound can complement or enhance the architectural experience of a space.  Aimilia’s field-recordings are rather research oriented, focused primarily on her academic and professional interests, albeit, she does believe in their artistic potential, even if she does not necessarily regard herself as a sound-artist.